My husband and I don’t have sex

Husband and I don’t have sex – what can I do? “Dear Therapist” is published each Monday on The Atlantic […]

Key to a happy relationship? How you argue!

What is the key to a happy relationship? We recently read this article on about arguing in a relationship […]

Voluntary childlessness – why I don’t want children!

This article on Voluntary childlessness was published on the Metro website recently in which a woman explained her reasons why […]

High functioning depression recently published an article on high functioning depression which we thought gave a great insight into the condition: This […]

10 Ideas for People Afraid to Exit a Relationship

Are you afraid to exit a relationship? published ten ideas for people who are: 1. You are, to a […]

Psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’ study finds

We recently came across this article on psychiatric diagnosis… A new study, published in Psychiatry Research, has concluded that a […]

Work through the anger stage of grief

3 Ways to Work Through the Anger Stage of Grief We came across this article with 3 steps  to work […]

Why Spending Time With Friends Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health

We found this article on why spending time with friends improves your health, and found it an interesting read, so […]

Theresa May calls for mental health to be priority

Theresa May calls for mental health to be a priority. Every new teacher in England will be trained in how […]

Mental Illness and taking it seriously

We recently came across this article on “When you’re ‘Too Functional’ to have your Mental Illness taken seriously… I’ve read […]

What do we understand by the term: Trauma?

The term trauma is widely used in the media and most of us have heard stories of people traumatised by horrific events and suffering with conditions such as PTSD

‘She Was Just So Beautiful!’

‘She was just so beautiful!’ my client declares, more to herself than to me. ‘Beautiful in a whole person way. […]

Gender – What is it?

Perhaps it is easier to say what gender is not – it is not sex, and the two words should […]

Taking issue with the Head of Policy

So we’ve had another reminder this week that our culture divides mental and physical health, to the detriment of those suffering with the former.

World Mental Health Day-First Aid for Anxious Minds

When I was a student psychotherapist I had an epiphany moment when I thought I had found a cure for anxiety. […]

LCC Director Julie Sale asks ‘How Important is Sex in Relationships?’

How Important is Sex in Relationships? The rich diversity of sexual practices, sexual identities and relationship constructs in human experience […]

Introducing Marja Crowther … LCC Barnet’s Sex and Relationship Specialist

I am Marja Crowther, sexual and relationship therapist, general counsellor and supervisor based in Barnet. I believe life is about […]

Gender and Sexual Diversity – Our kids know more than we do

We are at the point of a revolution in social attitudes to gender and sexual diversity and it’s our children […]

Introducing Joyce Corkin – Sex and Relationship Therapist at LCC

Hi my name is Joyce and I am one of LCC’s specialist sex and relationship therapists. I  worked for the NHS […]

The Danish Girl – A Trans Therapist’s Point of View

  I saw The Danish Girl last night on its first day of release here in the UK. The international […]

The Pressure of Christmas

Oh no, It is that time of year again! I could have sworn it was only last week when I […]

The Dangers of the Office Party

Christmas is a fun time of year. All around us are images of people having fun, in perfect houses with perfect […]

Introducing Lizzie Hill – LCC Letchworth Art Therapist Working With Children, Teenagers and Adults

Since qualifying as an art therapist in 2008, I’ve worked extensively in school and NHS settings, supporting children, adolescents and […]

Grace and Frankie – Lessons in Love by LCC Clinical Director Jo Coker

As a relationship therapist I am often saddened by the complexity of maintaining a clandestine relationship within a primary relationship, […]

So You Like Dressing Up? Understanding #Transsexuality.

“So you like the clothes and the make-up? Is that why you want to be a woman?” This is the […]

Inside Out – Disney Pixar Psychology

So it’s the long school summer holidays again and I face the challenge common to most parents of balancing work […]

Joanna Coker LCC Director, psychologist and relationship therapist discusses the ending of Married at First Sight

So the programme has finished and we all know the outcome of MAFS, and rather like the morning after a […]

Joanna Coker, LCC Director, psychologist and relationship expert, discusses her involvement in ‘Married at First Sight’ the new documentary series from Channel 4 

As we head towards the last instalment of “Married at First Sight” everyone I speak to wants to know the […]

Married At First Sight

Joanna Coker, psychologist, relationship expert and Clinical Director of LCC, discusses her involvement in ‘Married at First Sight’ the new […]

LCC Director Julie Sale Edits the June 2015 Edition of UKCP Journal The Psychotherapist

We are very proud to announce that our very own Julie Sale, LCC Director, is the Guest Editor of the […]

Jo Coker, LCC Director, writes on #CarersWeek

I first met Anne three years ago. She was a very fit 70-year-old woman who lived alone and told me […]

Help! I need someone to look after me! Verity Lewis, LCC Registered Therapist, shares her experiences of being a carer on the lead up to #carersweek

I take care of my elderly mum and am more than happy to do so because I love her and […]

I’ve Looked At Life From Both Sides Now by Kirstie McEwan

Kirstie is an integrative therapist, a general member of the College Of Sex and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and a registered member […]

Julie Sale, LCC Director, sets the record straight on the difference between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

I am not normally one to stand on a soap-box and shout out my thoughts and feelings on a subject. […]

Jo Coker Clinical Director at LCC starts our blog series on long term relationships

As a relationship therapist I am often asked questions about relationships. The top two must be; ‘what does a great […]

Authenticity in Relationships

Krystal Woodbridge, Psychosexual Therapist & Relationship Counsellor at LCC continues our series on relationships The presence or absence of authenticity [...]