Compulsive Sexual Behaviours book cover

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours book coverCompulsive Sexual Behaviours: A Psychosexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians.

Silva Neves (Routledge, £26:99)

This book is a guide for therapists and clinicians working in the field of sexology with clients who present with out-of-control sexual behaviours. It sets the scene with a comprehensive understanding of compulsive sexual behaviours and very early on gives the foundations for a sex-positive and pluralistic approach to helping clients manage their compulsive sexual behaviours.

Neves directly critiques the addiction model of therapy for such clients, and whilst this is perhaps a controversial debate, Neves’ assertions are made respectfully, based on a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary research and an obvious wealth of experience.

Neves goes further to ensure that this is a truly practical guide. He provides the clinician with invaluable tools, techniques and approaches to working with CSB clients whilst respecting their sexuality, and, critically, guiding therapists in avoiding inadvertent conversion therapy, in line with the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy.

This book is also very engaging, with Neves’ obvious enthusiasm for the work, dedication to his clients and the field of sexology evident throughout. This is essential reading for any Clinical Sexologist or Psychosexual Therapist, trainee or qualified.

Krystal Munn is a COSRT Accredited Psychosexual Therapist and Director of Local Counseling Centre Limited.