Sex and disability – Health problems, lifelong disability or acquired disability can impact enormously on your personal and sexual relationships.

  • If you have a lifelong disability you may need to be creative in how you manage your sex life, as certain positions or practices may not be possible.
  • After illness or surgery you may be nervous about re-starting your sex life and fear it will cause pain.
  • You may have been affected permanently physically by your illness and may no longer look the same. You may be anxious about the effect this will have on your partner or future partners.
  • You or your partner may be undergoing treatment that means you have to adapt your sexual practices, e.g. chemotherapy.
  • Acquired disability will need you to develop new skills and may knock your confidence, at times this may feel like a big mountain to climb.

We can help you adapt to these sex and disability problems and find a way to a fulfilling sex life. Some of our sex therapists are nurses and they have a particular skill in this area. Please advise us when you enquire whether you have any access issues and we will be happy to accommodate these. Please be advised that our St Albans clinic does not have full disabled access due to the age of the building. However, full disabled access is available in our Letchworth clinic.

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Read an article written by Woodbridge Therapy’s Director Krystal Woodbridge which appeared in The Guardian, about the impact of ill health on one couple.

Handicapped young couple resting on a beach.