Sex Therapy for Couples

Difficulty with sex is more common that people think, and many people have sexual issues at some point in their lives. The pace of day-to-day life, stress, work, illness, family pressures and even a much wanted baby, can all contribute to sexual problems. Difficulties may become apparent as a relationship develops and sexual partners get to know each other more. Individual difficulties may also be an issue either with having sex, sexual practices or with sexual orientation and identity. Sexual issues are not always easy to discuss and talking to a therapist who specialises in this area can help you.

Here at LCC Ltd we have a team of Psychosexual Therapists, counsellors with specialist training in sexual counselling, who can offer guidance and support on a range of issues and provide appropriate support to heterosexual, asexual, and gay/lesbian individuals and couples. Whether or not you decide to attend alone as an individual, or with your partner for couples’ therapy to manage your difficulty, sexual issues are dealt with sensitively in a non-judgemental environment.

All our therapists are members of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists – COSRT. We are gay and transgender/transsexual affirmative at Local Counselling Centre and many of our therapists are also members of Pink Therapy.

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We were featured in The Independent discussing how your sex life can be improved with mindfulness. Click on the link to read the article How your sex life can be improved with mindfulness.

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