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Vaginismus means you have difficulties in being penetrated by any object such as a finger, tampon, dildo, or allowing your partner to penetrate with their penis. This can be despite your expressed wish for penetration to happen. Some women with vaginismus will never have had penetrative sex, and may have found tampons and smear tests difficult or been unable to co-operate with them being performed.  Many women with vaginismus come to the attention of the medical profession when they present for a smear test and are referred for therapy. Other women may have been able to have penetrative sex and have used tampons, but this condition develops for example after a difficult vaginal delivery. Vaginismus can be an extremely distressing sexual difficulty for both you and your partner.

With some who suffer from vaginismus, they may find that sometimes penetration is possible, though it is usually painful.  This pain is often described as a burning or itchy sensation. This is called vestibulodynia.  Whilst this is distressing for the sufferer there are things that can help alleviate the symptoms.

Sex therapy can help you to overcome vaginismus. Please Get in Touch for more information and help>>

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husband and i don't have sex local counselling centre