Becky Crespey-Fox Local Counselling Centre
Becky Crespey-Fox Local Counselling Centre

Becky is a qualified Sex and Relationship Therapist and is registered with the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). She has training in the Contemporary Psychotherapy model. She is an experienced yoga teacher and knows the benefit of integrating both body and mind. Becky is also a qualified Psychotherapist accredited with CCP (Beeleaf).

As an integrated therapist she uses a pluralistic approach when working with clients. She uses different techniques and modalities based upon each individual/relationship where she works with the client/s to create change.

She is an LGBTQ+ ally and works with GSRD clients. She is knowledgeable and welcomes polyamorous and consensual non-monogamous structures as well as being trans, non-mainstream orientations and kink friendly.

Training, qualifications and experience


  • Diploma in Sex and Relationship Therapy with CICS – COSRT accredited course.
  • Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy – Beeleaf – July 2021.
  • 35 hours in Trauma and Triggers with Beeleaf.
  • 28 hours in Ethical practice in Psychotherapy with Beeleaf.
  • 130 hours certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy with BeeLeaf.
  • 20 days Neuro-Linguistic Programming with BeeLeaf.
  • 28 hours in Psychopathology in Psychotherapeutic practice with Beeleaf.
  • 28 hours Human development and sexuality with Beeleaf.

Becky can help with:


Vaginismus Vaginismus means you have difficulties in being penetrated by any object such as a finger, tampon, dildo, or allowing [...]

Sexual Identity Issues

Sexual Identity Issues Sometimes, you as an individual, or those around you, may experience confusion or difficulty in understanding your [...]

Sex and Disabillity / Illness

Sex and disability – Health problems, lifelong disability or acquired disability can impact enormously on your personal and sexual relationships. [...]

Painful Intercourse – dyspareunia

Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia) Both men and women can experience pain through intercourse. Women can experience painful intercourse when they are [...]

Orgasmic Difficulties

Orgasmic Difficulties Many individuals – both men and women – experience orgasmic difficulties, whether that be having difficulty achieving an [...]

Low Sexual Desire – Lack of Libido

Low Sexual Desire – Lack of Libido This is a very common sexual difficulty. Loss of desire can either be [...]

Fetish & Paraphilia

Fetish & Paraphilia Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism is defined as the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical [...]

Erectile Difficulties

Erectile Difficulties Erectile difficulties means that you have difficulty in obtaining and maintaining an erection, which makes penetration difficult or [...]

Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation Problems Early (“premature”) ejaculation means that you have not yet learnt to control the ‘point of inevitability’ – the sign [...]

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour  Previously known as "sex addiction", the more accurate term “compulsive sexual behaviour” is used to describe the [...]