Magda is a qualified Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with an MSc in Psychology. A member of the College of Sexual and Relationship therapists (COSRT), Magda studied Psychotherapy at Regent’s University and completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sexology at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS) in Cambridge. Magda also holds the Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviour with CICS.

Magda undertook her two-year student placement in one of the Harley Street clinics, where she had a chance to acquire skills to work with individuals and couples struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours and relationship difficulties.

Magda primarily works with people struggling with sexual compulsivity (often misunderstood as “sex addiction”), but also helps couples and individuals with psychosexual and relationship struggles.

She adopts a range of diverse, evidence-based and client-focused interventions whilst maintaining centrality of therapeutic alliance. Magda applies a pluralistic approach, taking into account the socio-cultural and psychological factors factoring into the underlying issues. As an integrative psychosexual therapist, she derives from various approaches including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, narrative, relational, transaction analysis and trauma therapy.

In her work as a GSRD (Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity) affirming and culturally sensitive practitioner, she aims to create a non-judgmental, supportive space where she encourages openness and honesty, embracing the diversity and uniqueness of her clients.

Her prior occupation as a teacher has sparked the passion for further studying of human behaviour and lifelong development. Later in her education career, Magda started exploring work in mental health field, working in a SEN School for young adults suffering from severe autism, and by volunteering for SANE, a helpline for people with mental distress.

Training, Qualifications & Experience


  • Volunteer for SANE LINE
  • Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviour – Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology
  • Level 6 Diploma in Clinical Sexology – Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology
  • Intensive Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s University
  • MSc Psychology – University of Westminster
  • Pedagogy with major in Elementary Education and English (Level 6 QTS equivalent) – Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Working with Shame in the Therapy Room
  • Polyvagal Theory Neuroscience
  • Using Neuroscience in Practice
  • Working with Men in Therapy
  • Understanding Gender Identity with Madison Amy-Webb
  • StopSO training – Working therapeutically with individuals convicted or accused of sexual offending

Magda can help with:


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