Richard is a qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist, Accredited with the Human Givens Institute (HGI). Richard works in a practical way with clients to help them meet the needs and goals they have. The pace of the sessions is set in response to what the client needs, and methods used based on what the client requires at the time.

Whilst some therapies claim you need to “feel worse before you feel better”, the approach Richard uses emphasises the resources we have within ourselves to learn, grow and overcome what is holding us back.

Richard’s interest in psychology goes back over 20 years and he has completed over one year in meditation retreat. Richard is also interested in physical practices that aid well being.

Richard can work with a range of issues including: depression, anxiety, OCD, stress, anger, trauma, sleep difficulties, behaviour change and habit formation.

Richard is also a trainee Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology.


Training, Qualifications & Experience


  • Trainee Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist – Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS)
  • Human Givens Diploma – Human Givens College – 2022
  • Certificate in Humanistic Counselling Skills – The Gestalt Centre – 2006
  • Criminology and Psychology BA (Hons) 1st Class – Coventry University 2005

Richard can help with:

Anger Management

Anger is frequently a result of frustration, or of feeling blocked or thwarted from something the person feels is important. [...]


Most of us experience anxiety at some time in our life because it is a normal human emotion. If we [...]

Compulsive Behaviours and Dependency

Compulsive behaviour and dependency are defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.


In recent times depression has become a very overused term to describe general feelings of unhappiness. However, depression is different [...]

Insomnia and Sleep Issues

CBTi is designed to understand the client holistically, and all of the problems which may be contributing to their insomnia.


A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. [...]


Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel [...]


Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. Trauma [...]