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Types of Therapy at LCC

At LCC we appreciate that finding the right therapist is complex. There are many types of therapy, and therapists often have quite different kinds of approaches or styles. For those who don’t know much about psychotherapy, this can be very confusing.

Below is a brief outline of some of the main forms of therapy to help you in your search. Reading through them might make you think about which makes most sense to you. When you talk to a therapist you can ask about which approach they use to see if you feel this will be right for you. Please Get in Touch for more information>>

● Human Givens Psychotherapy Therapy (HGT)

● Couples Counselling (CC)

● Psychosexual Therapy (PT)


Human Givens is the name of a theory in psychotherapy formulated in the United Kingdom, first outlined by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell in the late 1990s. The human givens organising ideas provide a description of the nature of human beings, the ‘givens’ of human genetic heritage and what humans need in order to be happy and healthy. Human Givens therapy seeks to use a “client’s strengths to enable them to get emotional needs met”. It draws from person-centred counselling, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho-educational approaches, interpersonal therapy, imaginal exposure and hypnotherapy. The Human Givens Institute’ has been accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).

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Couples counselling is a specialist type of counselling that works with the problems that arise in adult sexual or intimate relationships. Many relationships suffer stress and pressure from external factors and these can affect the quality of the relationship.

A couples therapist works with you to help you understand the dynamics at play and to make changes to improve your communication and relationship.

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Psychosexual Therapists are specially trained to work with all aspects of normal human sexual function and dysfunction.

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