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Counselling Services from your Local Counselling Centre

LCC has an established reputation for excellence in the counselling that it provides. We deliver our services in Letchworth Garden City, and offer a full range of counselling services and clinical placements for trainees on accepted training courses.

Whether you are an individual, couple or family looking for help, our talented team can help you. Call us on 01462 674671 to find out how. With sessions starting from £15, counselling has never been more accessible.

Sleep CBT Counselling

Sleep CBT (CBTi) is A Brand-New Therapy Offering from LCC Giving You The Exact Steps You Need To Manage Insomnia.

Individual Counselling

Helping you work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioural or relationship problems to enhance your well being…

Relationship Counselling

Maintaining relationship harmony can be challenging, particularly over the long term. Our team can help and support you…

Sexual Therapy

Are you concerned about how this is affecting your relationship? Does it prevent you from finding or keeping a new relationships…

Gender Counselling

Help with confusion around your own gender identity. Understand what it means to consider transition…

Children & Young People

Sometimes children and young people may need extra support if they are finding it difficult to deal with, or understand their emotions…

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