work through the anger stage of grief local counselling centre


Grief when we lose a loved one is a normal emotion to experience. It is a complex process by which we learn to process our emotions and accept the person’s death. We call this period being bereaved. Bereavement affects people in different ways. Some days you may feel well and happy, and then you will have a day when you are overwhelmed by the loss. You may suffer a series of different emotions such as distraction, anger, guilt, acceptance and despair. These feelings are all a perfectly normal part of the process.

Often it is difficult to talk to friends or family members as they may be going through the same process and you may not want to burden them. That is when talking to a bereavement counsellor can help. This will give you dedicated time and space to talk through your feelings about the person you have lost in a safe confidential space.

At LCC we understand how difficult this period can be and we can support you through this.

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