CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology


Introducing the Diploma in Clinical Sexology from The Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology.

The CICS two-year Diploma in Clinical Sexology is a unique interdisciplinary programme, distinctive from similar courses in its attention to the combined psycho-social and organic dimensions of sexual and relationship health and wellbeing. The course has been designed to ensure that by the end of the programme, our graduates have a solid foundation of comprehensive knowledge and skills for confident therapeutic practice with sexual and relationship health and wellbeing problems.

Gender, sexual and relationship diversity is fully integrated into all aspects of the course.

The course closely follows the stringent theoretical knowledge syllabus of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, (COSRT), to which we are closely affiliated. Our Diploma course has been awarded ‘Course Approval Pending’ status by COSRT. The course is also attentive to the Syllabus of Clinical Sexology provided jointly by the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM).

The therapeutic theoretical orientation of the course is “pluralism”. Pluralism is an emerging way of thinking about therapy, based on the fundamental assumption that ‘no one therapeutic approach has the monopoly on understanding the causes of distress or on the most helpful therapeutic responses. Instead, it suggests that different clients are likely to want, and benefit from, different things in therapy.’ (See for more information). We encourage our students to draw on a range of approaches to therapy, to best serve each unique client, whilst maintaining the centrality of relationship, relational working and therapeutic alliance to all counselling and psychotherapy work.

The course runs monthly on Fridays and Saturdays, intended to be convenient for professionals already in full-time work and is based in historical Cambridge within easy access of the City Centre.

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