Hi, my name is Joyce and I am one of LCC’s specialist sex and relationship therapists.

I  worked for the NHS in the capacity of Men’s Health Nurse for several years. My speciality is erectile function and associated intimacy problems. I have been asked by people what sort of clients do I work with. The answer to that is simple – people like you and me.

Relationships are complex and when the Bells and Whistles are just not happening it can lead to unhappiness and anxiety. Sometimes talking about what s going on in our heads, as well as the nether regions, brings a sense of understanding and renewed confidence.

When you have lost your mojo,  the complexity of relationships often makes it difficult to talk about it with our significant others..  . It can take courage to ask for help but there are practical as well as talking therapies, that can turn your problem around.

Why don’t you contact Local Counselling for a consultation? hello@localcounsellingcentre.co.uk