Since qualifying as an art therapist in 2008, I’ve worked extensively in school and NHS settings, supporting children, adolescents and their family members through a whole range of emotional and mental health difficulties. My private practice at the Local Counselling Centre in Letchworth builds on this experience and also gives me the opportunity to work with adults who would like to take a more creative approach within counselling or personal therapy.

One of the joys of art therapy is that it is accessible to anyone—of any age—because it doesn’t depend on having or using words to describe an experience. Having the option to be creative instead of, or as well as talking, means that clients are in charge of exploring things at their own pace… and often important things get said and noticed through the making process or image made. People don’t have to be good at art to benefit from art therapy… if the end result looks good, great, but that’s really a kind of bonus, because it’s more about the journey!

It’s a pleasure to help people recover, find new ways to cope, build resilience and learn more about their own identity. I also enjoy helping other art therapists develop their skills, by supervising colleagues and lecturing on the local art therapy Masters and Foundation training courses. I’m an active member of the British Association of Art Therapists, through which I keep tuned into and contribute to professional development and debates.

In my spare time I keep happy and balanced through yoga, running, cooking—and eating—interesting culinary delights, getting into the great outdoors and making my own art.

If you think you or a family member would benefit from art therapy with Lizzie contact us now 01462 674671 option 2.

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